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Scalable Cloud Solution for the Media Platform​

In this case study we implemented a scalable cloud solution for the media platform page. One of our clients reached us about how their cloud environment was breaking every day and was also going down during high user traffic. To resolve their issue our infrastructure team used a highly available and scalable cloud environment. This method turned out to be a success and we were able to effortlessly manage the high user traffic.
Scalable cloud solution

Highly Available Cloud Environment

We were able to implement this cloud solution successfully because of automation. We resolved the downtime issue and we were also able to create end-to-end deployment with just a single click. Now, the environment automatically scales up and down based on the users demand.






Scalability 100%
CI/CD Automation 95%
Infrastructure Security 85%
Case Study - Scalable cloud solution for the media platform​

Success Outcome

Our clients were truly satisfied with the scalable cloud solution we designed and the implementation as well. Here are the milestones that we achieved through the process:

High Availability & Scalability

We used load balancing and automated scale-set solutions to resolve the issue.

One Click Deployment

We made infrastructure deployment and recovery easier for our client by making it possible with just the click of a button.

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The success was unpredictable; we maximized the use of the service to deliver more to our clients.