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Secure Access to Virtual Server with Azure Bastion

Secure Access to Virtual Server with Azure Bastion

Explore our project dedicated to crafting a secure solution for developer access to virtual servers. Leveraging the Azure Bastion service, we've constructed a robust architecture to ensure developers access servers securely and efficiently. Witness the seamless integration of our solution, offering a reliable access method while upholding stringent security measures.

Experience the peace of mind that comes with secure access management in the Azure Cloud, creating a protected development environment for your team.

Our implementation ensures that developers can log in only if they have access to Azure Cloud and the target VM.
This involves disabling complete inbound access to RDP or SSH ports, securing the VM end-to-end.

Moreover, the entire environment was deployed through an infra CI/CD pipeline. This means that whenever a new virtual Bastion server needs implementation, filling in some information makes the server ready in the cloud within a few minutes.

    • Microsoft Azure
    • Microsoft Azure Cloud, Bastion Service