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Network Isolation and High Availability for Secure Business

One of our clients made a request for a secure platform for their online learning hub. Our network isolation at HJ Infotech created a robust architecture for them. This helped them work with their business operations without any kind of disturbance and also without worrying about the security of their data.
Scalable cloud solution

Secure Cloud Architecture

Our top most priority was to fully secure the platform. We used parameters like network, firewall, and routing. This helped us in successfully implementing complete security of the platform.






Disaster Recovery 99.99%
Network Security 95%
Scalling 98%
Network isolation and high availability for secure business diagram

The success outcome of Implementation.

The final achievement, after designing the platform, made our client very happy and increased the security score.

Security Compliance

Scaled up the network compliance score with network policy rules.

Disaster Recovery

Tested failovers provided assurance to clients for disaster prevention.

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