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Infrastructure Automation for Schooling Project

We have also worked on an application to manage school staff and member. In this project we implemented infrastructure automation for a schooling project. Our team at HJ Infotech, worked on both designing the application and also on the infrastructure automation. We also made sure that infrastructure and the application were end-to-end encrypted and also that the deployment was secure. This made sure that the school records remained safe and protected.
Scalable cloud solution

Automated Process

We made the process very simple. We made sure that only the required information needs to be filled and the resources will automatically be ready within a few minutes.


FS Softwares




Infrastructure as Code 90%
DevSecOps 96%
Deployment 94%
Infrastructure automation for schooling project by Hj Infotech

Achievement Metrics

The following outcomes represent our success factors.

On-Demand Infrastructure

Infrastructure deployment has become easy with just a click of a button and approval.

User-Driven Deployment

Simply fill out the form and had -infrastructure and application deployed to the platform.

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